Monday, February 18, 2008


One major contrast between O and Othelle to me was the age difference of the characters. In the play, Othello gets married, is a general, and much go fight wars. These are all factors of a very grown up lifestyle, Othello takes care of his new wife Desdemona and his career like an adult should. However, in the movie the characters are set in a time of adolcence, at a prep school. Dispite the fact that they still rely on their parents, teachers and coaches, the students try and find any way possible that they can defy rules in a way of being more independent. There are multiple parties, lots of alcohol and sex and some drug useage. All of which are means by which they go against the authorities over them. While the message is the same in both the play and the movie, the different ages allowed the play to resonate with me because I am only recently out of high school.

Because the movie takes place during a different era, and is focused on people of different ages, the actions and intentions of each character are observed as being more extreme than if the events occured between adults (although just cause the characters in the play are adults, that doesn't make it right.)

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